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  • Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks
  • Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks
  • Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks
  • Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks
  • Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks
DAY 1. Arrival and transfer to Dolna Banya, beautiful little town at the foothills of Rila mountain. Dolna Banya is one of the most ecologically clean regions in the country and more than 20 stork couples with their babies can be observed there between April and August. The treasure of Dolna Banya are the hot geothermal springs with temperature of the water 62° - 65° C. The water is suitable for the treatment and prevention of muscular and nervous system diseases. Accommodation in spa hotel with hot thermal water pools.
DAY 2. Dolna Banya – Belmeken Lake – Ostrets peak – Kameniti peak – D. Banya 
Morning transfer to Belmeken Lake - among the highest dam lakes on the Balkans. This loop hike passes through vast alpine pastures, Ostrets peak (The Sharp) (2641 m a.s.l.) on an adventurous route along a narrow edge belayed with a cable and descents through a picturesque route with views to the lake. Followed by relaxation in the hot outdoor pools and dinner.
DAY 3. D. Banya – Borovets ski resort - Musala peak – Sapareva Banya SPA resort
After breakfast the bus takes us to Borovets ski resort from where via gondola lift we reach Yastrebets peak (2361 m a.s.l.). Jagged peaks, glacial lakes, stunning alpine views… we spend the day exploring the highest part of the mountain, including the second highest alpine lake in Bulgaria – The Icy lake. We climb the highest peak of the entire Balkan Peninsula – Musala (2925 m a.s.l.), have lunch on the top enjoying the breathtaking views and descent back to Borovets via the gondola lift. The bus is waiting there to transfer us to Sapareva Banya SPA resort. The village situated at the foot of the north western slopes of Rila is famous for one of the hottest geothermal springs in Europe (103 C). Free time for SPA and dinner in traditional Bulgarian restaurant.
DAY 4. S. Banya – Zeleni preslap – Skakavitsa waterfall – The Seven Rila Lakes – S. Banya 
Starting from Zeleni Preslap area today’s loop hike leads through Skakavitsa nature reserve, one of the oldest in Bulgaria –  famous for its century old Bosnian pine trees and rich biodiversity. Rare species as wild goat, roe deer, black woodpecker, nutcracker are possible sight on the way to the highest waterfall in Rila mountain – Skakavitsa (80 m). Later we explore the nature landmark the cirque of the Seven Rila Lakes. The day ends at the hot thermal pools in Sapareva Banya.
DAY 5. S. Banya – Goritsa waterfall – Rila monastery – Ivan Rilski cave – Bansko ski resort
The day starts with a short walk to Goritsa waterfall (39 m). Later we visit the Rila monastery, UNESCO World Heritage site and probably the most famous tourist landmark in Bulgaria. After lunch we continue with a picturesque walk through the century old beech and oak tree woods of the Rila Monastery Nature Park. The trail leads to the cave where St. Ivan of Rila, the founder of the monastery lived as a hermit. In the afternoon a transfer to Bansko ski resort and some free time.
DAY 6. Bansko – Vihren peak – Bansko 
A climb to the highest peak of Pirin Mountains – Vihren (2914 m a.s.l.). Early breakfast and transfer to Vihren mountain hut, from where we start the ascent towards the top. On our way we pass by the dramatic north wall of the peak where edelweiss may be seen. We have lunch on the top and then head back on a different route to the hut. On the way back a short visit of the oldest tree in the mountain – Baikusheva Mura (more than 1300 y.o.). In the afternoon options for SPA in the hot geothermal pools in the nearby village of Banya or city tour in Bansko.
DAY 7. Bansko – Bezbog – Polejan peak - Sofia
A chair lift from Gotse Delchev hut to Bezbog hut for the start of the hike to the 5-th highest peak of Pirin mountain, which offers one of the best views of the entire mountain. From the top more than 13 glacial lakes could be seen, including the largest and second deepest of the mountain – Popovo lake. In the afternoon transfer to Sofia. Free time for sightseeing in the capital of Bulgaria.
DAY 8. Breakfast and transfer to the airport for departure


Hiking and thermal spa tour in Rila and Pirin National Parks