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  • Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek
  • Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek
  • Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek
  • Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek
  • Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek
DAY 1. Arrival
Arrival at Sofia and transfer to the picturesque mountain village of Govedartsi. Check in at the hotel and short briefing regarding the upcoming trek. You will receive from our representative detailed road book, maps and useful information.

DAY 2. Borovets - Zavrachitsa
Breakfast and transfer to Borovets resort (1300 m.a.s.l.), where you take a chairlift to the starting point of the trek (1780 m). Soon, you pass by Saragyol royal residence, a beautiful wooden hunting lodge built by Bulgarian Kniaz Ferdinand I, between 1912 and 1914 in Rila National Park. Later you follow the “Kaiser’s path”, a mountain path built more than a century ago by Fedinand I, going through some of the most picturesque places of the mountain. He wanted to impress the Austrian Kaiser Vilhelm taking him on a chariot trip. In the late afternoon you reach Zavrachitsa mountain hut.

DAY 3. Zavrachitsa – Musala (2925 m)  – Borovets
Breath taking sceneries awaits you on this spectacular route offering some of the best alpine panoramas of the mountain. Traversing the peaks of Mancho (2771 m a.s.l.), Marishki (2765 m) and Big (2779 m) and Little Twin (2777 m) you reach the top of the entire Balkan Peninsula - Musala (2925 m). From the summit, passing by the turquoise Musala lakes you descent to Yastrebets peak from where via the Gondola you reach back Borovets resort. Short transfer to Govedartsi village where you stay for overnight.

DAY 4. Malyovitsa – Vazov hut
In the morning you explore the most alpine valley of the mountain, famous for its jagged peaks and granite alpine walls popular for rock climbing. You reach Malyovitsa peak (2729 m) and follow the main ridge for stunning panoramas of Rila mountain and the ancient Rila Monastery hidden down in the Valley of Rila River. At the end of the day you reach Vazov hut, nestled in the fairy Pazar Dere area at 2300 m.
DAY 5. Seven Rila Lakes – Skakavitsa waterfall – Sapareva Bania SPAs
After breakfast and a short ascent you reach Razdela mountain pass. A real delight expects you exploring the Seven Rila Lakes nature land mark. Passing by the Teardrop, the Eye and the Kidney lakes you descend in century old forests of Skakavitsa nature reserve famous for its rich biodiversity. You visit the highest waterfall of the mountain (80 m) and walk down to Zeleni Preslap where the car is waiting you for a short transfer to Sapareva Bania SPA resort famous for one of the hottest geothermal springs in Europe (103 C). Deserved relaxation in the hot water pools at the end of the trek.

DAY 6. Goritsa waterfall – Rila Monastery – Sofia
In the morning you have a short walk to Goritsa waterfall (50 m). Later you visit the Rila Monastery, UNESCO World Heritage site and probably the most famous tourist landmark in Bulgaria. Around noon you have a transfer to Sofia, where you check into a hotel and have time for sightseeing in the capital.

DAY 7. Departure
Transfer to the airport for departure.

Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek Rila Mountains Self-Guided trek