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The Annapurna region is the largest protected area in Nepal, with unique biodiversity and landscapes. Its cultural and ethnic Meltin'Pot makes the Annapurna region one of the favorite destinations for trekkers.

The Annapurna circuit trek is a fascinating journey. New landscapes are revealed to you every day, from the tropics to the green rice fields, banana trees and giant plants of all kinds, to the alpine scenery of the heights of Himalayas.

Annapurna circuit trek starts in Kathmandu valley about 1400 meters. You will easily get used to Kathmandu's cacophony after a few days. Traffic, infrastructure, shrines, an order in the anarchy which only the Nepalese know the secret.

Our "little walk" around the Annapurnas, includs views to Annapurna I, one of the 14 world's 8 thousanders and the first to be officially climbed. But the trek offers a stunning view of another 8000 thousander of the range, Dhaulagiri, separated from the Annapurna I by the deepest gorge in the world: Gali Gandaki.

The trek is in the midst of authentic Tibetan villages, Buddhist temples and monasteries, through the many hundreds of meters suspension bridges, admiring the unique waterfalls, fauna and flora.

The more one gains height, the more exotic landscapes turn into oak forests, beech, rhododendrons and conifers, pines and junipers, before crossing the tree line.

The forests fades for an Alpine landscape. Thus begins large snowy plains and glaciers.

After crossing the Thorong La pass, it is a surprising desert that awaits you, with the Mustang region and its sandy wind.

Several things surprise in Nepal and during the
Annapurna circuit trek. Smiling Nepalese charm and overwhelm you, scales outweigh you and it's hard to leave this place without a strong desire to return back.

Annapurna circuit trek is an unforgettable human experience, spiritual and physical marking  anyone who takes part in it. So Djom Djom !!!