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  • Balkan Mountains Trek
  • Balkan Mountains Trek
  • Balkan Mountains Trek
  • Balkan Mountains Trek
  • Balkan Mountains Trek
DAY 1. Arrival – Saeva Dupka Cave – Chiflika village
Arrival and transfer to the small village of Chiflika, nestled deep in the Balkan Mountains, known for its mineral waters (160 km.,2.5 hrs drive). En route we visit Saeva Dupka Cave which is more than 3 million years of age with many fairy formations. We enjoy the rest of the day relaxing in the mineral pools. Welcome dinner amidst the clean mountain air.

DAY 2. Bogoe Pass – Eho hut
A short transfer takes us to Bogoe Pass (1276 m.a.s.l.) This introducing walk is not demanding though very beautiful and it reveals the fascinating nature of the Central Balkan National Park. Amazing views appear as the path takes us close to the borders of Kozya Stena (meaning ‘Goat Wall’) Reserve. We reach the main ridge of the mountain to enjoy the spectacular scenery in every direction. We head to our destination for tonight – Eho hut (1675 m.a.s.l) – perched on the very edge, on the borderline of Tsaritchina reserve overlooking its labyrinth network of forested valleys. In the late afternoon the enthusiast may climb the nearby rugged  Youmrouka peak (1819 m. a.s.l.) to see off the sun.
Wakling time: 4-5 hrs. Total ascent: 500m. Total descent: 100 m.

DAY 3. Eho hut – Beklemeto – Chiflika Village
Well relaxed we head eastwards to walk along the main ridge of the mountain for the whole day. The trail makes its way among a succession of beautiful limestone outcrops at the southern edge of Goat Wall Nature reserve – named after its most impressive peak – Kozya Stena whose northwestern flank forms a dramatic 100m high cliff. These outcrops are a favorite haunt  for the Balkan Chamois and also a refuge for many rare plants. We may encounter the symbolic flower of tourism – the edelweiss which has a large population here. We reach Troyan pass where the bus waits to take us to the hot mineral pools of Chiflika Vilage where we stay overnignt.
Wakling time: 4-5 hrs. Total ascent: 200m. Total descent: 200 m.
DAY 4. Chiflika Village – Troyan Monastery – Pleven Hut
After breakfast we have a short transfer to visit the emblematic Troyan Monastery – the third largest in Bulgaria and Oreshaka exhibition hall showing traditional arts, crafts, costumes and lifestyles during the centuries. The starting point of today’s delightful walk is the village of Vidima. The path is very pleasant, climbing steadily though not too steeply through old beech woods to finally emerge on the open spur by Pleven Hut (1384 m.a.s.l). The location is superb and we spend the rest of the day enjoying the stunning views towards the inaccessible cliff s of the Severen Dzhendem (meaning ‘Northern Hell’) Nature Reserve. It is these 400m high vertical cliffs that give the reserve its name. We may visit Vodni Dupki (meaning ‘Water Holes’)Caves located nearby, known haunt for 17 species of bats and the beginning of Vasiklovitsa  River.
Wakling time: 2-3 hrs. Total ascent: 460m. Total descent: 60 m.
DAY 5. Pleven Hut – Rai Hut
This is the most demanding and rewarding day of the trek as we climb the highest peak of the mountain – Mount Botev (2376 m.a.s.l.). The hike begins along the majestic rocky wreath of ‘Northen Hell’ with the rounded, grassy dome of Botev rising high in the clouds. Once on the top we start descending on the southern flank of the mountain with outstanding views towards the ‘Southern Hell’ Reserve and Rai (meaning ‘Heaven’) Hut. The so-called Tarzan’s path winds its way through the steep, rocky terrain. The surrounds of Rai Hut are truly wonderful, located directly beneath the Heavenly Rocks – a bristling wall of granite crags, down which thunders the highest waterfall in Bulgaria – Raysko Praskalo (The Heavenly Sprinkler).
Wakling time: 6-7 hrs. Total ascent: 1000m. Total descent: 950 m.
DAY 6. Rai Hut – Kalofer – Pavel Banya
In the morning we have free time to visit the Raysko Praskalo waterfall (124m.). Then we head down walking through the ancient beech woods of the ‘Hell’ Reserve. On our descent many wonderful views open to the fertile Tracian Valley and the deeply cut valley of Bazovitsa. Before exiting the borders of the National Park, there is an opportunity to make a circular loop along the Byala River Eco Trail with specially constructed wooden ladders and bridges which help us explore the inaccessible part of the valley. We go down to the Kalofer – the home town of the revolutionary Hristo Botev, who gives the name of the highest peak. Transfer  to Pavel Banya for spa and overnight.
Wakling time: 2-3 hrs. Total ascent: 100m. Total descent: 1050 m.
DAY 7. Pavel Banya – Buzludzha – Hissarya
In the morning we have a short transfer to Enina Village – in the foothills of the mountain where our walk begins. The trail ascends along a spur passing by the rugged Katunite Peak, reaching Buzludzha Hut and further the famous monument of Buzludzha – a huge concrete “spaceship” perched on the top of the mountain. It is the biggest ideological building built in 1981 as a tribute to the creation of the Bulgarian Communist Movement. Since the fall of Communism in 1989 it is abandoned, vandalized and devastated. This was the last part of our walk. The bus waits here to take us down to the valley of Tracian Kings and further to Hissarya Town for last relaxing bathing. En-route we have the opportunity to visit Shipka Monument and Church, The Tracian Tomb in Kazanlak – A UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Wakling time: 3-4 hrs. Total ascent: 650m. Total descent: 50 m.
DAY 8. Departure.
Transfer to Sofia Airport for departure (2 hrs.)

Balkan Mountains Trek